How to Choose a High Quality Immortelle Essential Oil

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Unfortunately, choosing a high quality immortelle essential oil is not as straightforward as it should be. There are tons of options out there and sadly most are a waste of your time and money. But don’t stress—we’re going to give you the knowledge necessary to pick the best, most effective immortelle essential oil. When selecting which brand to go with, there are 3 important factors to consider. Here’s what you need to look for:

Make Sure It’s Organic & Ethically Sourced

This one is going to narrow your search significantly, as most immortelle essential oils on the market are not organically farmed and processed. Purchasing organic immortelle essential oil is the only way to ensure your chosen oil is pesticide-free and not filled with harmful contaminants introduced during the manufacturing process.

Where and how immortelle essential oil is sourced also matters—a lot! Many immortelle essential oil farmers are coerced to work and sell their crops for unfair, unsustainable prices. And that’s a cruel practice none of us want to support.

Also worrisome, immortelle essential oil is commonly farmed in ways that harm both the environment and future harvesting yields. In addition to negatively impacting the health of our planet, this can result in higher prices and a lower quality of life for Helichrysum italicum farmers and their families.

At Immortelle Traders, our immortelle essential oils are USDA Organic and Ecocert certified organic, meaning they’re both organically farmed AND manufactured. Unlike many essential oil companies, we put our values above profit. We work closely with our farmers to ensure they get the fair and sustainable pay they deserve and that they use only eco-friendly farming practices from start to finish.

Go with a Pure, Single-Ingredient Oil

Many companies sell essential oil blends advertised as “immortelle essential oil” or “Helichrysum italicum essential oil” that are not the genuine artifact. Don’t be fooled and always check the label and research the company before buying. Sadly, many essential oil products are also intentionally mislabeled, so verifying the legitimacy of the business is necessary.

Legitimate immortal essential oil is often sold as a blend that’s mixed or pre-diluted with other oils. While there’s nothing wrong with mixing immortelle essential oil, it’s best to purchase it in its pure form and then dilute afterward. This will help ensure you’re getting the most concentrated and effective oil possible for your money. When going with a pre-mixed bottle of immortelle essential oil, there’s also a risk of inadvertently purchasing a watered-down product that’s not really worth its price tag.

At Immortelle Traders, our immortelle essential oil is 100% pure, single-ingredient Helichrysum italicum essential oil handpicked by families off the coast of Croatia, as well Bosnia and Herzegovina. We carefully control the quality of our oils from growing and harvesting to processing and distillation in order to guarantee our product is not adulterated in any way, at any step of the process.

Purchase Directly from a Reputable Distillery

Like any industry, the immortelle essential oil market is flooded with middlemen hungry for a slice of the profit. While these intermediaries are helpful to distilleries & suppliers not setup for direct sales, they’re a burden to consumers like you and me who just want a high quality immortelle essential oil (aka Helichrysum italicum oil) at a fair price.

As a rule of thumb, always aim to buy your immortelle essential oil directly from a distillery. By buying directly from the source, you not only cut out middlemen (therefore saving money), but give yourself the best chance of finding the most effective immortelle essential oil possible.

As an actual distillery that works directly with our Helichrysum italicum farmers, Immortelle Traders offers the highest quality immortelle essential oil on the market at fraction of the cost of other providers. Our oil is handpicked and processed to have the most powerful skin benefits of any essential oil available, including very high concentrations of the potent anti-inflammatory enzyme gamma-Curcumene (17%-20%) and the skin-benefiting compound Neryl Acetate (up to 6%).

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