What is Immortelle, aka Helichrysum, Essential Oil?

Immortelle essential oil is sourced from Helichrysum italicum, a flowering plant related to the daisy that grows throughout the Mediteranean. Prized for centuries for its health benefits—especially as a rejuvenating, anti-aging tool—Immortelle is unique for its long list of restorative attributes, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties.

In other words, Immortelle is one of the most remarkable and potent essential oils on the planet. No wonder it’s currently the most talked about and in-demand essential oil on the market. Here are some of the most notable ways Immortelle essential oil can up your beauty game and improve your quality of life.

What Are the Benefits of Immortelle Essential Oil?

It would take hours to list the countless benefits of Immortelle essential oil—it’s just that good—but the following is a quick outline of some of its many traditional uses:

Fighting acne

* Soothing skin inflammation

* Helping heal wounds

* Reducing scarring

* Relieving insomnia

* Aiding inflammation of joints and muscles

* Combating allergies

* Improving digestion

* Fighting infections (particularly of the skin)

* Soothing rashes (1)

Pretty crazy, right!? With the seemingly endless array of health benefits, it can be a bit intimidating to know how to start incorporating Immortelle essential oil into your daily routine. But don’t stress—here are 3 ways you can start harnessing the natural regenerative power of immortelle essential oil today.

Fight Premature Aging and Minimize Wrinkles

Countless beauty products and skin care routines are powered by the anti-aging properties of Immortelle essential oil—and it’s not hard to see why. When it comes to fighting premature aging and boosting skin health, there’s simply nothing quite like it.

Because of its ability to reduce inflammation, promote healthy skin cell regeneration, improve complexion, aid in collagen production, and minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, Immortelle is an anti-aging powerhouse! (2). It’s also known to help improve skin firmness and elasticity, leading to overall younger, healthier looking skin.

Reduce the Appearance of Scars and Fight Acne Whether you're looking to prevent scarring or reduce the appearance of current scars, Immortelle essential oil can help. The oil contains a natural inflammatory called arzanol, which is essential to healing wounds and repairing skin damage. Additionally, Immortelle’s antioxidant properties help combat scarring by encouraging skin cell regeneration and reducing the accumulation of free radicals (3).

Not only is Immortelle great at supporting skin health by soothing rashes and skin infection, but it’s been shown to help acne sufferers, too. Studies indicate that the oil’s antioxidant and antibacterial qualities make it an effective natural acne solution. Best of all, it helps relieve acne without any of the unsightly dry skin, redness, or irritation notorious among chemical-based acne products (4).

Relieve Exhaustion and Boost Energy

Immortelle essential oil is partially made of compounds called esters which, it turns out, are awesome for soothing mental exhaustion. Which is to say, the warm, enchanting aroma of Immortelle is perfect for those stressful days when you just really need to relax and find some calm.

A 2013 study looking at the potential soothing effects of Immortelle found that the essential oil can indeed help relieve feelings of burnout and mental fatigue. The researchers compared two groups: one that was given a placebo and another that received an essential oil blend that included Immortelle. The second group displayed significantly higher relief when it came to feelings of anxiety and exhaustion (5).

How Do I Use Immortelle Essential Oil?

Now that you know what Immortelle essential oil is and its many benefits, you’re probably wondering: “but how do I actually use it?” It’s simple, there are two main ways: topically on the skin, and aromatherapy.

For Skin Health, Anti-Aging, and to Improve Scars and Acne

Taking advantage of Immortelle’s incredible skin benefits is easy. All you need to do is dilute 4-8 drops of the oil with a handful of a natural carrier oil, like almond, coconut, or jojoba oil. Then, apply the mixture to affected areas, and that’s it!

Another option—and this is our favorite—is to simply add 4-8 drops of Immortelle essential oil to your daily face cream or moisturizer.

To Relieve Stress, Exhaustion and Soothe Bad Vibes

Using Immortelle essential oil to create a peaceful, calming mood takes no time at all.

You can add it to an essential oil diffuser to fill your bedroom or home with the oil’s soothing scent (if you don’t have a diffuser, there are many affordable options online). You can also massage a drop or two directly into the back of your neck. Or—and we think this is the most fun approach—add 10-15 drops to your next hot bath. It doesn’t get more relaxing than that!

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